Flying in Spain

During the summer of 2014 our fish flew to Medina de Rioseco, a town on a windy plateau in the Spanish countryside . A town rich in churches and cathedrals as silent, dramatic guards, breathing a history of art, culture and a fantastic story about a crocodile. A town where youngsters gather at the local swimming pool and elderly people can be found on benches in the late afternoon. A bread factory once humming of life, now rests at the side of the canal that leads to the heart of Castile.

Here the Flying Fish collective gathered to realise their first project ‘Connecting Memories‘ from August  the 18th to September the 3rd , 2014.

One part of the projects processes consisted in researching and exchanging practices between ourselves as members, in collecting tools and setting up a common working basis for our collective by creating workshops. In parallel with this internal exchange we worked on a performance with the local community, taking the following topics as our starting point: intergenerational relationships, memories and transmission related to the context of the town, such as the former casino and old bread factory where we worked. Another part of the project was dedicated to discovering other Spanish art and education organizations and collectives as a way of widening our perspective on and knowledge of our own practice and a different European context.

From this experience we created pedagogical tools available to everyone who is interested in art and education processes led with any kind of group. This project received the support of the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme and of the Diputacion of Valladoid and Medina de Rioseco city hall.

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