What it is to be a Flying Fish

Flying fish are called that way because of their unusually long and powerful fins that enable them to self-propel leaps out of the water, coming from all oceans, splashing around their joy of flying together. We are like flying fish, wishing to regularly get out of our waters, to see from above, from another perspective. We playfully explore different ways of swimming, which help us to dive back with deeper consciousness of our own waters.

Flying Fish is an European interdisciplinary collective. It is formed by professionals interested in ways in which the arts, and more specifically performing arts, relate to society, that is to say arts and education, community-art and professional arts. We work together to give more value to all the appearances of them, promote arts which are connected to specific contexts, and empower people involved in them.

Flying Fish is about sharing, learning, creating, reflecting, exploring and researching, in local and international contexts, among the members and with anyone who might be interested. We nourish each others practices in a theoretical and practical way. That is why the motto of Flying Fish is to think doing and to do thinking.

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Being a collective

As a collective we formulated values and ideas that are important to us. We keep them in mind while working intensively somewhere in Europe, but also cherish them during our communication while being spread across Europe.

Firstly keep in mind:

Working in an international collective implicates having very different backgrounds, life situations and attitudes. Always be aware of that even when the differences are not on the surface.

Subsequently keep in mind:

Connect with the people you work with inside and of outside the collective.
Talk. And keep talking.
Take time for things. Do proper time management.
Let’s have roles covered by desires.
Don’t forget to be liquid.



Viola Kallós (Budapest) is a drama teacher and a facilitator of community art projects. She is committed to using art in education and in community development processes. As a member of Forum Company Budapest, she’s working on theatre in education performances and holds drama workshops both for adults and high-school students. She is passionate about experimenting with bringing people together, creating a safe place to share knowledge and experiences. For further details of on-going projects in Budapest see the website of Forum Company below.



Veronika Szabó (London) is a perfomer, drama teacher and director from Hungary. She is currently based in London where she studied Applied Theatre at Goldsmiths University of London. In her work she makes and uses theatre in order to feel connected, to get to know her self and others to create communities. She is interested in audience participation as well. She has directed various community based and forum theatre shows, facilitated several educational drama projects and held forum theatre and drama trainings. She has performed in TIE-s, site specific and immersive theatre performances. She is member of the Forum Company.



Valentine Bonomo (Brussels) was born in Argentina but raised in Paris. She dreamt about speaking thousands of languages and doing all kind of jobs. As she never knew how to choose, she let her intuition guide her to Literature and Arts first, Political Sciences and International Relations after. She has done more than fifteen different jobs, co-founded ab ovo, a French research and production association, created the Belgian magazine Papier Machine, always looking for deep thinking and good human cooperation. She is currently living in Brussels.




Lucie Combes (Toulouse) has always had her hand in all kinds of pies. She has worked for a digital art organisation, a cultural institution, a world music magazine and an art education organisation. In paralles she has always carried out her own projects for the pleasure of being surrounded by joyful people for whom disciplines are not as important as curiosity and the ability to be both reflexive and creative. That’s how she co-created the French organisation ab ovo.



Noëmi Degrauwe (Brussels) is a Belgian theatre teacher, director and performer. She graduated from the University of Arts Utrecht (HKU) with a Bachelors degree in Theatre in Education. Currently she lives and works in Brussels as a part time theatre teacher in the Childrens Museum Brussels and as a freelancer for other art and educational organisations. Meanwhile she develops her own independent projects.



Hanna Timmers (Amsterdam) is a director, theatre teacher and art education designer. After graduating from the Theaterschool of Amsterdam, she mainly worked at (youth) theatre companies and made theatre performances with youngsters. She also decided to get to know Europe, and therefore cycled from Leiden (NL) to Paris with a table attached to her bikes. Even though she is very pleased with working and living in Amsterdam, she sometimes still dreams of meeting Europe on her tablebike.


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